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Christianity is not dying out besides our religion. Our faith is eaten alive by time, satanic interruptions and our personal regular denials of the exsitence of Jesus Christ. How numerous of us will wait around for the working day when Jesus comes back again to this world? Think about these two sentences.

Absolute peace can only be discovered in Jesus christ. It is only when you have Jesus that you can be passing through difficulties and nonetheless have peace. Presently the world is in chaos but believers are in peace. Their faith is in Jesus who takes care of them in every scenario and has Never failed them.

In order to be like Jesus, we have to invest time with Jesus. The much more time we invest him by reading and studying his word and talking with him via normal, earnest prayer, the more we begin to think like him. We also become more like Jesus by studying what has been created by other Christian leaders. For instance, when I prepare homilies I always seek the advice of commentaries and other posts created by pastors this kind of as Dr. Charles Stanley, John MacArthur, Rick Warren, Billy Graham, Charles H. Spurgeon and others. Lastly, we can be like Jesus by studying the Bible with other Christians. In my personal lifestyle, I attend Trinity’s Monday evening Bible research, and I get a duplicate of the notes from the Wednesday morning Bible study thanks to Sandra, our hard-operating church secretary.

There are works, and there are correct methods that a Christian should reside. There is an ongoing moving toward full sanctification. There are guidelines of harvest, occasionally bearing out in this life, and occasionally bearing out in the next lifestyle. There are bible truths that function, for the most part, even for unbelievers. Yet good works, correct living, obedience to the internal voice, and a goal of holiness are but the expected behaviors of a servant. Prior to boasting of obedience, one must quit and honestly examine the points of disobedience that ever stay in their life.

This is the lie. This is the biggest lie you can tell – saying that Jesus Christ is not God. John had some of these individuals in this fellowship, coming under good correct healthful teaching, which was turned down.

Man Hee Lee was established by Jesus, the son of God. When He arrived down to die on the cross to save the globe from sin and to renew the spirit within us.

The first of these beliefs is the existence of the Creator God. God is adore. God is great. God is the creator of all the galaxies and all the universe. God is merciful but God is just and God is the judge of all mankind, he will maintain you accountable for every motion and thought you made throughout your life!

Both Christ and the Bible are described as devoted and true, as mild, bread, power, unto salvation, cleansing, therapeutic, nourishing, liberating, and eternal. To study and study the Bible is to discover of Christ. Knowing Him as Savior is eternal lifestyle to all believers.