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The Dell Inspiron 1520 is one of the most popular Notebooks at the moment. When you shop online at Dell there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first thing to note is that the “Deals of the Week” change in offer and it sometimes is better to wait the next week. Some weeks it maybe an extra 1Gb of RAM free or an upgraded hard disk other times it could be $100 off or a free Bluetooth mouse or Targus bag. Depending on the special it maybe better to hold off for a better deal. For instance a $100 off on a separate monitor may not be as useful as more RAM on the Notebook, unfortunately it’s a bit of a gamble as you don’t know what is coming up. Dell do provide the date of when the deal ends so you may have to act by this date.

Click Update/download to start downloading and updating. This process most of the time takes considerable long depending on number of available updates.

Opt for do i need realtek audio driver as the Input Source in the same tab. Therefore, you can be ready to record music from your PC’s sound card without having noise at all, the output will probably be the same as the original music.

Go to the back of the computer. Find the plug that goes to the speakers or headphones. See if it is plugged into the proper outlet of your sound card. This is normally a light green color. Either that or try each one and test to see if you have sound or not. Media player has samples you can use or try a music CD.

You are able to adjust File name format to anything you like in the output tab, maintain default if you have no idea how to handle it. With the same tab select Record to MP3 and set music bit-rate to 192kbps. Additionally select the VBR for better output quality and relative smaller file size.

If you have Windows Vista/7, do this by going to the Control Panel then to the System and Security section. Access the Device Manager then the Sound, Video and Games Controller section.

Finally, do the last task: clean out the registry. Use the Frontline Registry Cleaner application to effectively fix issues in the registry that are causing errors, otherwise your problems may return. Cleaning the registry will ensure that your computer doesn’t get re-infected by viruses hiding in hidden folders.