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Society is obsessed with remaining young. I imagine that if anyone ever truly found a fountain of youth they would be a billionaire overnight. Individuals spend mega dollars on spa treatments, facial and skin products, cosmetic and surgical procedures, all because they want to look younger, oftentimes with money they have to borrow from creditors or take away from another priority.

Set realistic goals. These can be weekly goals or monthly goals. You can even set a goal for 3 to 6 months from now. As long as it is achievable, you will see success. Set some short term goals that you can achieve quickly while you are working on the longer term goals. This will keep you motivated in the process.

If you have tried several diets and still can’t seem to get rid of those extra, pesky pounds, you may benefit from a colon cleanse. The colon can hold up to 35 pounds of unwanted waste and toxins. These extra pounds of waste products could be all that stands between you and your goal weight. There are many options for a colon cleanse, from dietary to herbal remedies.

Green vegetables like spinach, okra, broccoli, and lettuce are some of the great sources of iron. Including any of these vegetables in the diet regularly can guarantee steady supply of iron that the body needs to prevent the occurrence of anemia. Sesame seed mixed with milk is a anemia-prevention concoction that is easy to prepare. Simply soak a teaspoon of sesame seeds in warm water, grind, strain, mix with a glass of milk and put honey or sugar. Meat is one great source of iron. Fruits like orange, cantaloupe, and strawberries are also iron-rich sources.

There are many health claims from eating raw. Some people say that they have cured diseases, regulated their blood sugar, and have been able to get off of prescription medicines because of eating raw. These claims may or may not be true but almost all people who try the raw diet experience weight loss, increased energy, and a sense of well being.

Also those who skip this very important meal at the start of the day, tend to end up eating more towards the end of it. Try to make sure that your breakfast is a healthy one avoiding fatty and processed foods, such as bacon or sausages. Stick to wholegrain cereals, whole meal bread, fruit and boiled eggs.

I feel that 21Ten could be a serious business opportunity for the right rep. They have a traditional unilevel pay plan that includes a fast start incentive. The rapid rewards bonus was put into place to motivate the representatives, to keep the opportunity moving ahead and to also help the reps to drive forward and qualify for the company bonus pool. Lets face it, a fast start bonus also puts the new represenative into the money fast. This is very useful for the representative retention of the company. In addition to the incentive pool. 21Ten also has a training and vacation pool.

You should watch out for bad weather conditions. Also, ensure that the drainage system for your herbs are adequate and that they get the sufficient sunlight. Be careful of weeds and insects, especially the plant eating ones.