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Hoseah Wu was invited to share about the lifestyle and ministry of T Austin Sparks in 2007. Hoseah Wu knew Brother Sparks personally and he shared four messages about this great christian employee.

One of the most important issues you can do to aid in producing Christian content material is to pray before you start. Prayer prior to you start any venture or motion will assist you stay focused on the job and will also assist you to discern God’s will concerning that venture. Asking the Lord for guidance in producing content material will help you to create quicker as He provides the topic and the phrases to write.

The haters are numerous and diverse. Just Google ‘I hate Tim Tebow’ and search via the nearly 4,000,000 hits to discover just how vehement this hatred is. 1 commentator mocked Tebow’s Amazing testimony and the Bible verses inscribed on his black eye patches. “Hey, look at me! I’m a Christian! I read the Bible! God doesn’t care who wins the sport, I know, she informed me so” he wrote.

What he said experienced harm, and this was component of his Powerful testimony. Occasionally in the Name of Jesus, issues have to be stated which might hurt certain folks. We ought never to say something deliberately which would harm or wound or offend or upset. There is no require to – what will be said on certain events will sting people’s sinful consciences and problem difficult hearts.

Guard your virtues. Maintain a length from unbelievers. In business this means work with believers. Unbelieving costumers are 1 factor, unbelieving coworkers are an additional. Be careful about who you deliver into your company. Remember that the act of everybody is a testimony about you and your company.

I know from my personal experience that when I make up my mind about something, I set it firmly and am not effortlessly persuaded to act differently. I think I know the reality and am acting totally and totally upon what I believe. When you fully believe in some thing, your steps will naturally follow with passion and determination.

When you give your testimony – when you witness to Jesus Christ and how you met Jesus Christ – and how Jesus altered you and transformed you – there might just be people current who will react in a similar vein. Be ready, because not everyone rejoices when they listen to of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.