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Nile cruises are a great way to be transported back in time 5000 years. Egypt’s main artery is the River Nile, it supplies life to the country and it has always been that way. The Bible places the 10 plagues of Egypt along the Nile, and the great story of the Exodus, around 1450 – 1445 BC.

The most recognizable and popular tourist site in Egypt, the pyramids are filled with legends and mysteries. Located in Giza, the Great Pyramid is known as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Built during the second century B.C., these pyramids stand as witnesses of the Egyptians architectural and engineering mastery. They have been studied by many archaeologists and have been the subject of thousands of articles. Your visit is not complete until you see these ancient structures.

Even the 3 day cruises have formal or dress dinners you should be prepared for. When you pack for a cruise on the river it is fine to pack mostly for comfort and casual wear. However, in the evenings on the ship you might attend a captain’s or manager’s dinner. This dining experience doesn’t require you to dress nice but you should. Some cruises have a formal dinner which requires the passengers to wear a tuxedo or formal gown. Make sure you are aware of any dress requirements for special occasions on the ship. If you plan on attending an event like an opera in a foreign country, you will need to bring the right attire.

Another benefit of taking a Carnival 2 day cruise is the low cost. You may have to pay for extra things like spa treatments, games or shore excursions. Carnival has an affordable short cruise that leaves from Miami and Port Canaveral in Florida. There’s also a Carnival cruise that departs from Long Beach, California and heads to Ensenada, Mexico. Always, plan a head of time when you schedule a short cruise. Ask about the different kinds of ships. You wouldn’t want to go on a ship with partiers if your family is with you or you want to relax.

Most Luxor package holidays have Nile River Cruise of varying durations ranging from three days to two weeks. In fact, the three days option is mostly chosen by people who are looking for cheap holidays and want to cover the country with a tight budget.

Variety: it is said that variety is the spice of life and with the varied activities that are available on board, nobody can experience boredom. Moreover there are post or pre land tours as well that can be booked along with the cruise. So in that matter, variety is the reason for which you should choose a cheap cruise.

Overall, Truro, Cornwall provides a variety of activities for people to do. Anyone who loves shopping will find many options, since the area is the main shopping town for Cornwall. As for history, the Royal Cornwall Museum offers a variety of artifacts for people to see. Then there is the Hall for Cornwall, for the best place to find entertainment as opera.