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Just hire a boat or take the public ferry service and in about one hour south from Ibiza, you will reach a small island called Formentera. Actually this is an archipelago and Formentera is a part of the Balearic Islands. This is located at the remote corner and the ferry is the only means of travel available. This is one of the unspoiled islands of Spain. This is considered one of the precious jewels of Mediterranean Sea. The entire island of Formentera covers an area of about 85 sq. kms. The island has maintained its natural beauty; the government has not allowed any industry in this island, except for salt mining.

A sweet fruity Wine is a nice accompaniment for chocolate slivers, but fruit and cheese are a better choice when alcohol is being served. Try slicing an Anjou pear; sprinkle the slices with grated sharp cheddar and some chocolate shavings. Bake just long enough for the cheese to melt slightly, not brown. Serve it up warm, along with your favorite glass of Wine and Chocolate Gift Set.

You can also look out for star ratings of Paris hotels according to your budget and need. The Paris star-rating system is good and dependable. Even if you stay in one star less than your desired hotel, it will not make much difference in terms of comforts and facilities. You will find that sometimes even these lesser-rated Paris hotels are far better than their peers a notch up.

Music – The right music can make the party. Set the mood of your cheap Wine and Chocolate tasting with music that your guests will enjoy. Don’t have the music on so loud that your guests have to shout over it. We like smooth jazz, so we usually start out the party with some very upbeat jazz and then slow it down towards the end of the evening.

Eat first. It doesn’t matter what you eat, just make sure you do. Similar to drinking slowly, having food in your stomach causes your body to absorb the alcohol slower, so less of it goes to your head.

1) Alcohol is obviously toxic to the body and the blood, which is why if we have too much it causes us to be impaired. So try not to fool yourself when it comes to drinking low calorie beer and drinks. The situation we have found is this… If someone limits their drinking to one or two drinks that they want and enjoy versus having 5-6 low calorie or “less bad” alcoholic drink more often they will be better off. Bottom line, we have seen more people drink MORE “healthy” drinks than LESS “regular drinks.” Having a couple drinks every other night is much better than taking 2-3 nights a week and being 3 sheets to the wind.

This Chocolate Month Wine Hour also serves as the official debut of Sadie, Hotel Allegro’s new Director of Pet Relations. A rescued Boston Terrier mix, Sadie takes on the duties of greeting pet travelers and helping them get the most out of their stay in Chicago.