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Although often treated as though it has little impact on a family’s life, in Feng Shui the garage can have an enormous influence in your life. From money and relationships, to health and well-being, the garage may influence in positive or negative ways. Even if the garage is detached from the house, it can still be instrumental in making a person or family feel welcome or feel disconnected.

Dr. Valenzi provided me with a natural looking upper denture and lower partial. Within a week I was able to eat foods I hadn’t been able to enjoy for years. Better yet, I can flash my pearly whites and offer a genuine smile to anyone who needs one.

All entrance doors must be clean, well lit, welcoming and easily accessible. Entrance doors make a powerful statement about the status of the family that dwells within. A wrought iron door with glass inserts is considered to be the best Feng Shui Items for Home because it says both that you are open to energy coming to you through the glass doors, and that you are strong enough to repel any negative energy with iron.

If time or money is in short supply you could consider bath oils, a fragrant candle, incense sticks, a fluffy bath robe or towels, a meditation CD, yoga mat or session of remedial massage. Or you could turn their negative energy into positive energy through exercise. A punching bag and gloves new running shoes sweat band gym bag soccer ball/basketball/football or feng shui items swimsuit will get their body moving.

Some people have asked about the Red Envelopes. While there are many facets to the use of them, one is during the Chinese New Year. They are primarily given to children and must contain money. They are considered as Auspicious to the Giver as well as to the Receiver. Red Envelopes containing Money can also be placed the in the Wealth Area of your home. (Red Envelopes are becoming so popular that many of the branches of New York’s Citibanks now carry them)! They do NOT have to be Chinese Red Envelopes if you can’t find them, OfficeMax carries regular Red Envelopes.

Purple sits under the element of “Huo” (Fire). Lynette is born in a hot summer month, so she has to stay away from this element for purple will affect her mood adversely.

Feng Shui is a theory that has gained wide use in America. Even if you are skeptical about its principles, in our case, Feng Shui provides many options at your home to set up your kids’ rooms or desks. There is surely no harm in trying something new to start the new school year. Good luck!