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The first Sikh war in 1845 commenced with the crossing of the Sutlej by the Khalsa fauj (Sikh Army). The Battle of Mudki then followed and the British under General Gaugh were suitably impressed by the fighting qualities of the Sikh soldiers.

What really kills Pakistan is their lack of a true light machine gun in general service. Their paratroopers have the Minimi, but their line infantry make do with more medium machine guns. When a Pakistani platoon meets and Indian platoon, both sides will be well-served by their MAGs, and the Pakistanis by their excellent MG-3s. However, the Indian’s will also have their Negevs at the squad level, which means a lot more firepower and with greater mobility to boot.

After some gentle questioning and harmless sharing, I learnt that he had retired from the EME branch of the join Indian Army Result. He bought his auto from the retirement bonus. It was only ten days new and he had retired no more than a month ago. He said if he’d had to stay home and do nothing, he’d have become sick. “Hum armywalon ko chain se bethna aata hi nahin hai” (Us Army fellas can’t sit idle). With the remainder of the bonus he bought a flat on lease. Basically he was all set, and driving the auto around the city was a way for him to pass time. “Barah hazaar rupaiye toh pension milta hain” (My monthly pension is Rs. 12,000/-). There I heard it, that contentment most go crazy for.

But, when we standup and become united then definitely our Government take more attention about our demands. And our demands for the peace and prosperity of the country will not be neglected. Then Government of Pakistan will use the latest technology for security purposes. And if all the departments of Pakistan work with sincerity and take no compromise in the matters of Law and Order then Pakistan will progress by leaps and bonds and will also be free from harmful virus of violence. And the terrorist are neither be Pakistani’s nor Muslims. A Muslim cannot even think about such activities. So, terrorist are not Muslims although they looking civilized like Muslims. They are trying to defame Muslims.

Enter Join Indian Army and this fully grown adult decides to pursue a career in acting. His father lost his battle with Cancer. Shahrukh was too shattered but vowed to take care of his mother and sister. He grew up and fell in love with a Hindu girl. He traveled to Mumbai to woo her and won her over. Mr. Fate intervened once again and he lost his mother in Delhi. Depressed and lost, he came to Mumbai and told his film maker friend, “One day I am going to rule this city.” The journey was tough, with twists and turns from all sides. He did not have a family background of acting, nor was he acquainted with the tough head-to-head competition in the world acting. He had chosen to tread an unknown path because he wanted to live his dream.

Just before the annexation of the Punjab the British created the first Sikh regiment. These regiments came in handy during the 1857 mutiny when the Sikhs sided with the British against the mutineers. In the siege of Lucknow and the defense of Arrah the Sikhs displayed their loyalty and bravery and won their first 2 battle honors.

In 2007, Shahrukh appeared as the host of the third season of the popular game showKaun Banega Crorepati which was a moderate success. His next attempt as a game show host for Kya Aap Panchvi Pass se Tez hain? was a failure. His success continues with his highly popular and successful films such as Chak De India, om Shanti Om, Rab Ne Bana di Jodi and My Name is Khan.