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Disney showed off some exciting new footage from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the final instalment of the newest Star Wars movie trilogy at its D23 expo this past weekend. Now, that footage is available online for everyone else to see.

The clip includes a swelling montage of clips from the previous two trilogies, and the last two movies of this series, which really adds a sense of the history and weight of the legacies involved here. Despite myself, I even found myself a tad nostalgic for the prequel movies, even though I despise them and would like them erased from existence and collective human memory.

The actual new footage comes towards the end, and is quite limited in terms of time and amount of content. But it does include some potentially spoiler-ish stuff, including a scene where Rey wields a dual-bladed red dark side lightsaber and there’s voiceover from someone who sounds a lot like Emperor Palpatine (who also showed up on the new poster revealed for the movie).

Anyways it looks amazing, and it’s coming out on December 20.