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Twitter said it will restrict how users can interact with tweets from world leaders who break its rules.

Instead, Twitter said it will not allow users to like, reply, share or retweet the offending tweets, but instead will let users to quote-tweet to allow ordinary users to express their opinions.

The social media giant said that the move will help its users be informed about global affairs, but while taking responsibility for keeping the site’s rules in check.

Twitter has been in a bind as of late with its rules,

“When it comes to the actions of world leaders on Twitter, we recognize that this is largely new ground and unprecedented,” Twitter said in an unbylined blog post on Tuesday.

It comes amid allegations that Twitter has not taken action against world leaders who break the site’s rules. Last year, Twitter said it would not ban President Trump despite incendiary tweets, including allegations that he threatened to declare war on North Korea. Other tweets from world leaders, such as Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, had their tweets hidden from the site In cases when threats have been made against individuals.

“We want to make it clear today that the accounts of world leaders are not above our policies entirely,” the company said. Any user — including world leaders — who tweets content promoting terrorism, making “clear and direct” threats of violence, and posting private information are all subject to ban.

“Our goal is to enforce our rules judiciously and impartially,” Twitter added in a tweet. “In doing so, we aim to provide direct insight into our enforcement decision-making, to serve public conversation, and protect the public’s right to hear from their leaders and to hold them to account.”