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Are you worried that it might be the end of your marriage? Many people are, and have turned to anyone who can offer help. Many turn to marriage counseling services, and get taken for thousands of dollars, only to still lose the love of their lives! I’m here to offer you free tips to save your marriage, look below for the tips!

Discuss the concept of going to counseling singapore together. If one of you is reluctant to go to couples counselling, you need to break the exact reason down. If the reason is due to time constraints, or the feeling that you are airing dirty laundry, then this can be easily overcome. There are some wonderful counselling books and guides that can help ease your partners pain as well as yours, I have listed two at the bottom. You can work on this type of counselling together at your own pace in your own time. It is far less”public” than having to make an appointment, and you can spend as long as you need on each area it covers.

To tell or not to tell the details about the affair is a subject that remains debated upon. Some say yes,so you could start on a clean slate. Conversely, some say no,to avoid further upsetting their partner.

Discuss a plan that you are both comfortable with. If your partner does not want to see a counsellor, find out why but do not force them. The plan to getting your relationship back on track needs to be comfortable for both sides.

It is human nature to focus on the awful and the catastrophic events of our lives. Very often our worst fears come to pass and we realize our most dreaded nightmares. The trash that has gripped our lives and souls tends to consume us every waking moment. We reckon only with the circumstances and our limitations to turn them around. We fail to see the beauty of the rolling fields and smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers that cross our lives every day.

One way to remedy this situation is to make time to be with each other. Introduce sessions where each of you can have some time to say how you are feeling whilst the other listens without interrupting. This all helps to bring back communication into the relationship, the benefits of which will soon be apparent.

Sometimes, partners who are convinced they want to give up on their marriage feel differently when their husband or wife takes the initiative and goes away; it paints a realistic picture of what life without their loved one might be like… and that can be enough to galvanise them into action and try to work things through.